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Chrislaine Dupuy is a French painter coming from Normandie. She has settled down in Cassis for the last few years. Her reputation was built after her participation to numerous exhibitions all over France, in the PACA area, in Normandie, in Aquitaine and especially in the towns of Saint Malo, Paris and Deauville. Chrislaine Dupuy’s paintings show slender silhouettes drawn in a streamlined style, emphasizing the femininity of women and happy-go-lucky children through various scenes of the everyday life. While realizing her works, the artist takes pleasure working with matter. Her paintings are mainly made of oil painting that she modulates with knives.

The universe of the artist:

Chrislaine Dupuy spent her childhood and youth in Normandie. Her artistic career will be marked by her trips in various countries. However, the Normandie beaches will remain her favorite source of inspiration as we can often identify them in her works.
The different countries covered by Chrislaine Dupuy have been impregnating her work. She conveys in his paintings the different colors and identities encountered and experienced. The African continent has particularly touched and influenced the artist, especially its warm colors ranging from ocher to sienna. Her African style later evolved towards a more city-like universe, in follow to a trip to the USA. From the 1990s, New York discoveries such as jazz, gospel, inspire his work. Chrislaine Dupuy directs his compositions to representations of cities, buildings and a urban atmosphere.
The Works of the artist are now turning to a more modern expression. The streamlined / sleek style of Chrislaine Dupuy accentuates toward a softer, finer and more feminine universe but also more contemporary via the color processing for instance. Her style stretches through sand, gray and taupe shades relieved by some touches of red. Her two daughters, very presents in her paintings also inspire her work. We can find them in representations of children and women.

Artistic Career: